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On Monday 13th February 2017 we hosted a panel discussion titled "The  pros, cons and process of seeking an ASC diagnosis in adulthood".

A collection of other sources of information / viewpoints regarding ASC diagnosis in adulthood is given below.


The video includes an introduction by Dr Elizabeth Milne, two talks by people talking about their own experience of being diagnosed with ASC in adulthood (Lynne Gill and Annie Ryan), and a closing talk by Dr Richard Smith from Sheffield Adult Autism and Neurodevelopmental Service.

Alison Debenham gives a personal account of her experience of being a woman with Asperger Syndrome, featuring a discussion of the experiences that led her to seek a diagnosis. This talk is part of the Distinguished Speakers on Autism Series hosted by the Sheffield Autism Research Lab at The University of Sheffield

A list of Dr Milne's previous publications can be found here.

A short report on our previous work investigating sensory processing in the autism spectrum can be downloaded from here